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About me

I am Martin Wardley and am the founder of Crag & Crest Coaching. I collaborate closely with others and we build teams and networks to ensure the best results. I am a facilitator. As we grow I'll introduce you to the team but for now this is me:

I was born in East Lancashire, and I’ve travelled: I was raised in East Lancs and completed formal education in Lancaster before moving to London. Here I built both career and relationships before moving to the Southwest and then to Kendal 4 years ago. During that time, I’ve travelled the world and witnessed both its beauty and its hardships. 


I am a coach: my journey as a coach started around 10 years ago. I have used coaching methodologies in all my roles since starting on this journey. My introduction to the concept of coaching and being coached made me realise the power of the open question and the value it holds for everyone. It’s mostly about listening and in general I’d say we’re not particularly good at it, but we're improving.


I am a consultant, a leader and a marketeer: I have decades of experience in assisting large businesses in understanding and articulating their vision before then leading teams in the delivery and realisation of that vision. More recently I’ve been working with smaller businesses and as a result have a good understanding of marketing approaches and strategies again to help realise their vision. 

I create: I write poetry, music, and songs. This is part of who I am, and I use this creativity to enhance my own journey, to drive positivity, to build relationships and to create invaluable connections. We are all creatives; we simply need to find our own “what”. Creativity can take us to our “Flow” state. And what a wonderful state that is. 


We use the outdoors

Having spent  many years in the outdoors and aware of the benefits this brings to body, soul and mind not to mention the renewed perspective it can bring I have introduced this as an option to assist with our sessions and discussions and also simply to get people outdoors.

I stared my journey in the outdoors at the age of 13 with friends and at 14 I walked the Pennine way. I've been wandering into the outdoors both at home and abroad ever since. I walk, run, cycle, swim and climb.
In Nov 2021 I qualified as a Mountain Leader. I now take people out onto the hill. Being based in Cumbria this gives plenty of scope for the type of terrain and length of time we can spend in the outdoors.

The power of the outdoors to act as a catalyst for creativity, a facilitator for fresh ideas and an antidote to the rigours of everyday life are clear to me and I'm passionate about spreading the word. Particularly to those who may not yet know this.

Come along and see for yourself. 

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