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Big skies, Big plans

Hi all

In these uncertain, unsettling and upsetting times we thought it would be a good idea to share with you our thoughts and ideas around change and the kind of things to consider when making a change. 

This could be a change in business - a new business or a change in direction. It could also be a personal change - a dream you’ve had parked for a while, a goal you’ve wanted to achieve but for various reasons haven’t quite got there. 

We’re calling this Big skies, Big plans. We will post thoughts around a specific subject each week on Tuesday morning. We will then follow that up with artefacts, further discussion or answering any questions as the week progresses. 

We’ve been working with individuals and groups - some with Tallylah Rose Flower Scool and Rachel Wardley - around this subject matter for a few years with some very positive results. My own experience has been the delivery of large transformational projects within large organisations across a number of sectors. I’ve also used some of the methodologies to land a few of my own dreams and goals - one of which landed me here in glorious Cumbria. 

So please watch this space, follow if you’re interested, ask questions where you need answers and I’ll try - in some small part - to help you through these times and help you  build something strong in readiness for our return to some sort of normality. 

For now take care, stay well and stay safe

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