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Building your list of activities


We are working through a series of weekly thoughts based around change and around “getting things done” in order to support this change. We are calling this Big skies, Big vision and this is week 4: “Building your list of activities”

If you have been following the series, you will now have your vision and have broken this down into more manageable “chunks” – these are the building blocks of your plan. By delivering these building blacks you will move towards your vision. But we now need to get into the detail behind each of these blocks.

There are various ways to break down your building blocks. Some are simply intuitive. If, for instance one of your blocks is to get a vehicle then that is reasonably straight forward:

· Determine the type of vehicle you require

· Determine your budget

· Investigate sellers – internet, magazines, local sellers

· Shop around

· Make an offer and purchase

· Assuming you can drive then drive the vehicle home

· Adapt the vehicle for your specific use

Others are less intuitive, more complex and may need a slightly different approach. For instance, you may have your marketing campaign as one of the building blocks. For something such as this you’re going to need a little more time, patience and probably some help from various sources – books, web, experts. We will touch on some of these in a later session.

For now, all you need to do is to take each block and tease out as many actions and activities as you can – once again leave no stone unturned.

You will end up with a sizeable list but don’t let this daunt you and we will help you sort through this in the coming weeks to build what will be your plan. Remember every business of every size has an equally long and daunting task list and they never get through it all. What you decide not to do can be as important and what you decide to do.

Good luck with building the list, let us know your thoughts or questions, take care, stay safe and see you next wee

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