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Free of charge help for Charities & Not-for-profit organisations ...

Hi all

As you may know we have recently renamed and rebranded and are now called Crag + Crest Consultancy. We are here to help you define, document, and deliver your business vision.

To do this we have developed a 2-day course around business planning. This includes an informal day in the outdoors getting to the root of your vision and any issues, risks, or constraints. We are based in Windermere, I am a qualified mountain leader and the beauty of the Lake District, and the Dales is here waiting for us. We then spend the second day in the office to complete the more formal steps: documentation, planning and agreeing next steps. Although we would advise face-to-face, we can also work “virtually”.

As part of our renewed principles, we not only want to work with new and existing small to medium sized businesses, but we also want to give something back.

If you are a charitable or not for profit organisation or use part of your business to also “give back”, you like the sound of our 2-day course and would like this service for free, then get in touch. Let us know who you are, who or what you help, what help you would like from us and why. All we ask is that we can share your story. That’s it.

We will start mid-February and have limited places so get in touch.

You can find more information on our site and please share where appropriate.

All the very best


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