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Minimum Viable Product

Minimal Viable Product or MVP: ‘cos everyone loves an acronym! This is all about the least that you can deliver – saving time & cost - but with the aim to deliver enough scope to make the offer as “viable” as possible to the majority of your customers.

This can be applied to your website, your premises, your physical services, your digital presence, in short, your business. Here is a relative of the 80/20 rule, a cousin of robust planning and a sister to keen prioritisation. It is also the enemy of procrastination and deliberation. You will need to dig deep, carry out detailed investigation and apply ruthlessness to understand the nature of your MVP. People will not like this. People will push back. You therefore need to understand their disagreements & carefully, methodically break these down and find the constructive arguments which will bring people with you. It is not straightforward, but with tenacity and empathy it is possible. I’ve seen the harshest critics claim the idea as their own when they start to see the realisation of the benefits. Boom!

If you get the MVP right you not only launch quickly and acquire early benefits, but you can then properly understand how to work through and prioritise further developments to add your “bells and whistles”, to “dot your i’s and cross your t’s” & to paint your “go-faster stripes”. Equally you will then understand what you would be wasting your time and/or money on. Effectively you hit the ground running and build from there. Make sense?

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