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Plan B, C, D and E. And being a little more agile:

As I “Wardley shuffled” my way along the Western Martindale hills, I reflected a little.

I’ve been a tad harsh on myself of late with regards to the direction of my business. And consequently, my personal direction. 

I had a plan. It stalled, it waivered, it needed review, and it warranted change. But I found myself challenged, displeased, and disappointed. It felt close to failure and certainly felt like I’d let myself down.

But wait a minute. What about Agile? Or agile? What if I applied this way of business delivery to my own personal and business endeavours?

In keeping with the times, I asked AI. And this is what she/he/it/they said:

Incorporating Agile principles into your personal life can lead to greater adaptability, productivity, and overall well-being. Here are some ways you can apply Agile techniques to manage your daily affairs:

1.    Iterative process: Similar to how Agile methodologies break work into iterations, consider dividing your personal tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. Prioritize these tasks and work on them incrementally. Regularly reflect on your progress and adjust as needed.

2.    Embrace change: Rather than fearing change, view it as an opportunity for growth. Be open-minded and willing to experiment with new ideas. Adapt to life’s twists and turns gracefully.

3.    Empower yourself: Just as Agile empowers teams, empower yourself by setting your own goals, evaluating your work, and learning from both successes and failures. Encourage independence and self-direction.

4.    Plan and reflect: Spend a few minutes each day planning your tasks and reflecting on what obstacles you encounter. Ask yourself, “What’s standing in my way?” Adjust your approach as needed.

5.    Flexible direction: Agile is about flexibility and adaptability. Know when to pivot and change direction, but also recognise when to stand your ground.

Remember, the Agile Lifestyle isn’t about speed; it’s about responding to life’s changes with grace and resilience. So, go forth, iterate, and embrace the agility within you! 

And there you have it. Personal agile in the way forward. Boom!

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