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Hi all

We are no longer Louder with Words. We are now called Crag and Crest Consulting. The name is influenced by our move to Kendal and the new office in Windermere. We will be using the outdoors to help our clients get to the roots of their vision for both themselves and their businesses and to purposefully take them away from their "day jobs" to give them a feel for the art of the possible. We will then aim to demystify and hopefully cut through some perceived constraints.

The Crags are our challenges and the Crests the heights we reach once we over come these challenges. And the appreciation that these will be repeated time and again. The name also applies quite literally to the outdoors: the Crags we navigate and the Crests we reach.

We exist to help small and medium sized businesses and their owners articulate their vision, determine their plan and help them with tools to deliver this plan. Thereby realising their vision. We would also like to create a community of like-minded individuals and organisations in order to share our journeys, our challenges and our triumphs. We are not alone in the things we seek and the issue we face and I hope this community will not only highlight this but will provide a valuable support network.

Lots more to come so please keep in touch and we will be back soon. For now take care and enjoy your journey.

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