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Looking after You


We are working through a series of weekly thoughts based around change and around “getting things done” in order to support this change. We are calling this Big skies, Big vision and this is week 11: “Looking after You”

If you have been following the series, you will now have your vision. You have also broken this vision down into more manageable categories in which to place your activities and for each of these categories you have an exhaustive list of activities. You have also now reduced this exhaustive list down in size to the essential “must haves”, you have now sequenced these activities and finally you have developed and documented your plan. Finally, we have discussed various ways to manage this plan, what to look for in terms of help and hinderance and thoughts around Failure and Talent.

So what about you?

As a small business owner, you are your business. Your business is you. Your business looks and feels as you look and feel. It works how you work. People perceive your business as they perceive you. Are you hard-working, driven, pleasant, easy to get on with, polite, professional, punctual? Or are you not? If not then why?

With this in mind it is clear that a “better” you drives enthusiasm, energy, confidence & positivity and this in turn drives a better business.

So how do you create a “better” you?

This is very personal and will be specific to you but things to consider are:

  • Rest, relaxation & recuperation

  • Sleep

  • Food/drink

  • Activity

  • Body/Mind

It is important you look at these elements and ask yourself if you can improve any. We are not saying become obsessive about these but simply improve in order to improve you and hence improve your business.

We would however ask you to then take these activities and include them in your plan. For instance if you like to run, then include these runs in your plan. Don’t push these out to edges of your available time. Make them central. It is after-all your business and how you manage and prioritise your time is entirely up to you. If you can’t prioritise for you then who else can and who else will?

We would once again direct you back to the “Help” section here and ask what could you delegate? How could others help? Could someone else be collating your invoices while you’re sweating it out in your fitness class and driving your health? And in doing so driving the health of your business?

This will be a long journey requiring a lot of hard work. A “better” you will help drive this work, help you realise your vision and ultimately help you enjoy this wonderful journey you are embarking on.

The very best of luck for us all here at Louder with Words.

As ever if you have questions please drop us a line.

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