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The Journey

The journey:

I’ve spoken in the past about Agile vs Waterfall and not only from a business perspective but from a personal one too. About being receptive to change. About encouraging it. About being willing to watch something grow, to develop, to evolve and with less of an eye on the outcome or destination and paying more attention to the Journey and the “here and now”.

Just over 4 years ago I moved to Cumbria from the South-West. At that point my climbing had been sporadic, unfocused, random and never continual. I therefore never improved.

On moving to Cumbria, I met up with someone highly respected in the Mountaineering/Climbing community (Adrian Nelhams). He offered to Coach me. This was circa 3 years ago and although climbing is awash with grades, I decided I was going to pay as little attention to this as was possible and try to focus on the journey. Although I clearly have knowledge of what I have climbed and the progression I’ve made via grades I feel I’ve broadly achieved this. It’s not something I would ordinarily do and it doesn't come easy. But it has been a revelation.

I do what I can when I can. I try to maintain a habit, maintain momentum and continue to improve. I have focused and committed periods and I have time out when my body is calling for it.

The photo you see is Adrian and I in the Swiss Pennine Alps climbing the Jegigrat. I’m close to my limit – if not at it – and by the end I was spent both physically and mentally. This climb not only brought together all I had learnt but motivated me to take it a little further.

I’m paraphrasing but I once saw a billboard with the following text: “I spend most of my life thinking about the next 20 years. Sometimes it's good to spend time thinking only about next 20 feet” (or the next 2 feet .. or the next move!?)

I’m now starting to understand that it’s the journey that matters as much if not more than an arbitrary destination.

And I see no reason why that shouldn't apply as much to our work as it does to our play.

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